Saturday, July 2, 2016

You have the power for doing greater good in the world

Hello my fellow Rotarian friend: 

As I continue to work with you and our dynamic District Governor Raman Aneja, I shall be in touch with you regularly, sharing whatever little I know, to help you and your Club in achieving the visibility Rotary deserves in your community. 

Public Relations and Public Image has often been used interchangeably, whereas the public image is the outcome that you achieve by using the tools of public relations.  

However, I must reiterate, public relations is not the panacea for everything.   And public relations is not having your photograph in the media. It is a much larger management tool that you can deploy productively to improve communication with different groups of people with whom your club interacts. 

Nevertheless, the time for all the preparations and learning that you have had in the last almost six months through various training programmes is over.   The time now is for ACTION.  From 1st July onwards, the Rotary leadership around the globe has got activated and already many lives have been touched through meaningful projects. 

The time now is to talk about your projects, and the people whose lives you are touching. 

Share your story with the media.  You will have numerous opportunities to get your Club under the media spotlight.  Here are some of the occasions where you must work with the media: 

  • Installation function. Highlight the achievements of the last year and plans for the year ahead. 
  • Media interaction with the club leadership to share their story and vision.
  • Governor's Official Visits, would be another opportunity. 
  • Publicise various Rotary programmes like Youth Exchange, RYLA, etc. 
  • Arrange a visit of the media to your project.
During PETS/SETS and other District training visits, some of you had shared the challenge of getting the newspapers to report your club's activities.  I shall discuss it further with you in the subsequent posts. 

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Please do share your concern and we shall together find the answer. 

Best of luck to you on the new Rotary year. 

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