Monday, December 22, 2008

Know Your Fellow Rotarian

A self-introduction of each of the Club Presidents 2009-10 shall be the most appropriate to know each other better.  Pres Elect Harjit Saggu of Rotary Club Chandigarh Central has already sent in his CV with photograph which I would be uploading on the blog which you can access.  He has sent his introduction to the club presidents who have been paired with his club during Pre-PETS. That indeed is an excellent idea, which everyone should do. 
However, I shall appreciate if each one of you can send me your brief introduction with photograph.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Matching Grants

As you start searching for suitable project for the matching grant, please start your work now. You can list your project on the Matching Grants website,
However, in the coming year, I shall appreciate if you could think of partnering with any other international club and extend financial support for a matching grant project. Go through this website's listing, and I am sure, as per your capacity to raise funds in the club, join in any international project. That would be your great achievement.

The New Pairs

There is nothing like being together, working together and winning together. 
Thanks to the ingenuity of our incoming District leader, DGE Chetan Aggarwal, the Pre-PETS has brought together various clubs from the District in a pair of threes, which will help build up a new relationship between the club leaders during the year...which I am sure, would last forever.
In our Zone 3, the following pairing has been done :

Chandigarh - Rishikesh - Gharaunda
Chandigarh Central - Ambala City - Saharanpur Central
Chandigarh Shivalik - Morinda - Ambala
Chandigarh Midtown - Jind MT - Dehradun
Panchkula - Jagadhri - Kasauli

I shall appreciate if you can keep me updated through email and letters about the projects that you jointly undertake, or any activity that you plan whether it is visiting each other's club, etc. Let's share with each other the ideas that can make Rotary more vibrant in our District.

Happy Pairing!

Monday, December 15, 2008

It was great meeting you!

My dear Presidents Elect:
Thanks for your participation in pre-PETS yesterday. It was great meeting you all.  Looking at your enthusiasm and the projects that you have already started thinking about, I can visualise another great Rotary year that awaits us all. 
The time for us is to have our Board of Directors in place so that you can share your learning and vision with them. 
Please go through the material, the President's Manual, given to you, which will help you plan your year, whether it is in getting the new members, putting together a project for matching grant, and raising funds for your various projects, and The Rotary Foundation. 
Kindly prepare a draft proposal for the matching grant project that your club would like to undertake so that it can be handed over to the DGE Chetan Aggarwal. 
You can also share your knowledge, experience and jointly work out some project with other clubs who have been paired yesterday with your Club. 
And not to forget is your installation function.  Though officially, your term would start on 1st of July, you should make endeavour to finalise your installation function within the first two weeks of July itself. 
However, at the moment, for each one of us the greatest responsibility is to strengthen our Club in its ongoing projects and work with the current President to "Make Dreams Real" for our club, our community, our country, and the world at large. 
I shall look forward to hearing from you for any help.
Best regards.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Get Ready for Sunday

This Sunday, the 14th December 2008 is the first time that the Club Presidents for the next Rotary year 2009-10, along with their spouses are meeting for the first time for the Pre-PETS.
Our incoming District leader, DGE Chetan Agarwal, and the incoming District Trainer, PDG Dr. R.S. Parmar, have set up an exciting programme for the day, which each one of you will enjoy thoroughly. 
Some of you in my Zone 3 have already submitted their Registration Fee (Rs.650 single/Rs.1300 couple).  I shall request all those who have not so far been able to send it, kindly have the same sent to my residence by Saturday. 
As a part of your participation, kindly remember :
a. To prepare a brief self-introduction (you as a person and professional or business man) which should be restricted to maximum one minute;
b. To bring a any Gift worth not more than Rs.100 with your name and the name of your club written clearly on this.   The Gift will be exchanged with another club president of your year who will be paired after a lucky draw, during the meeting. 

In case you can be a part of the entertainment interludes during the programme by way of a song or a good joke, we shall appreciate your communicating the same to me at the earliest. 

Looking forward to your participation.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rtn. Dr Vanita Gupta Grieved

Rtn. PP Dr. Vanita Gupta of Rotary Club Chandigarh Midtown has lost her father on 2nd December. The cremation will be held on 4th December at 10:30am at the Cremation Ground, Sector 25, Chandigarh.  This is for everyone's information please.