Friday, July 1, 2016

I am back.

Hi friends, I'm back after almost, umm 5 years now.

During the District leadership of PDG Shaju Peter, and PDG Madhukar Malhotra of District 3080, I had the opportunity to share the activities and ideas that our District leaders had in their minds.

But now onwards, I would be sharing ideas that can take your Club from the Good to Great.

And you can because of several compelling reasons.

One, you have just come out of the Rotary year, that inculcated in you the beautiful reality...that you are a Gift to the World.  And you have shown it tremendously well under the stewardship of Immediate Past Rotary International President K R Ravindran, and our District leader David Hilton.

Now is the time to take it further and embrace humanity with service;  to realise that all of us living on this little home (which is a small spec in the vast universe), are interconnected, and more than merely labelled with different tags of nations, religions, colors and what not, we are humans.

So let us shine.  Know our strengths.  Discover our Potentials.  Explore and reach out to the people in need.  And make a difference, for 'Rotary Serving Humanity'.

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