Wednesday, April 29, 2009

District Goals

Our incoming District Leader Rtn. Chetan Aggarwal, has listed out several goals at various meetings including Pre-PETS, PETS and SETS.   These are our goals, and each one of you as the leaders owe it upon yourself to ensure and emphatically say, Yes...The Future of Rotary is in My Hands. 
And surely why not?  These are the achieveable goals within your power.  Rtn. Chetan Aggarwal has listed out the following major goals, besides the goals in terms of service projects that you must have planned for your year : 

a. The District 3080 should be polio free.  
Can we do it? Identify pockets of neglect, squallor, and filth, especially in the colonies and slums. Engage the residents in a cleanliness drive. This can be a major project for all the RCCs that you are going to establish or have in your Club.

b. 15% increase in membership
Prepare and update the Classification Roster. Check out the people amongst your friends and business associates who want to make a difference in the lives of the people.  Ask members to propose a new member. And whatever number that 15 percent means to your club, promise yourself at least 3 percent growth every month and in the first six months itself we should be able to reach our target. 

c. Creating New Clubs
Some of the clubs can definitely find the possibilities of extending Rotary to newer territories. We can work together to help you out with that.  The District has plans to have at least 6 new Clubs and we can help our District leader to achieve this.

d. Converting weak clubs into strong clubs
Indeed, we need to look into the Club Leadership Plan and discover the weak areas and improve further upon that. 

e. Every club should have at least 20 members
This is a goal for those clubs which have less than 20 members in their clubs. If we know any such club or a Rotarian in these clubs, just mentor them with workable suggestions. 

f. Participation in TRF programs by all clubs and contribution target is US$ 130 per member.
The Rotary Foundation, truly, is the angel that helps Rotarians realise their dreams for their communities. Be it literacy, need for clean drinking water, setting up medical facilities, or setting up computer labs, and more importantly saving our children from polio, the Rotary Foundation is our only hope.  It is our bank that supports us with funds that come back to us multiplied many times against our miniscule contributions.  Let's ensure hundred percent participation from our Clubs, and start right from the day one.  I am sure our Clubs can exceed the expected contribution, since there are numerous other philanthropists and people who wish to bring about positive change through $1000 or even more contributions. 

g. Every Club should participate in all the avenues of service: with at least 4 Good projects in Community Service; 2 in Vocational Service; and International Service.
Doesn't require any elaboration. All of you are fully charged to do even better than this. Isn't it?

h.  Each Zone to have  at least 4 Rotaract Clubs, 4 RCCs and 5 Interact Clubs.  
I have already been promised by one Rotary Club in our Zone 3,  2 RCCs, 1 Rotaract Clubs, and 2 Interact Clubs. I am sure together we can achieve this goal comfortably.

i.  100% Club Participation in each and every District Event
This may appear a little challenging but not impossible.  We must prepare a very large contingent from Zone 3, with 100 percent participation from each Club for the District Conference at Hardwar in 19-21 February 2010.  So be ready with your plans to ensure that all families join together.  May be we can plan a fleet of buses on sharing basis, and have a great family outing. 

Let's discuss it further and clear our doubts at the District Assembly where we meet on 3rd May.  Best of luck till then. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Define Goals

Further to the letter that you have received from our DGE Chetan Aggarwal and incoming District Trainer PDG Dr. R.S. Parmar, please go through the papers of case studies sent to you for your team.  These are to be filled and brought along at the District Assembly.  These papers shall help you in looking closely at the most vital areas of club functioning, as well as help you in preparing a road map for the year ahead, and set goals. 
I had also handed over Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Club proforma and I hope you must have completed the same. 
Kindly send me detail of your participants at the District Assembly along with their names and classification. I hope you have already confirmed the numbers to Rtn. Ashok Jain in Shimla. 
Look forward to your participation at the District Assembly - the Assembly of Hands-Together"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

District Assembly

You must have received the communication from the incoming District Trainer PDG Dr. R.S. Parmar regarding the District Assembly.
This is a significant training event for all the incoming Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, Club Committee chairs, especially in Club Administration, Membership, Public Relations, Service Projects, and the Rotary Foundation.  The new members should also be registered for the event so that they can learn about Rotary's programmes, as well as meet the District leadership. 
I have had the opportunity to talk to you and have been assured of your participation along with your incoming Board of Directors and Chairpersons. 
Kindly rush your registration (Rs.650 single and Rs.1250 couple) to the host Club of Shimla Midtown (Rtn Ashok Jain), along with details of NAMES, CLASSIFICATION, CLUB NAME, so that this can help the organisers keep your badges ready. 
Your advance intimation shall help the organisers in making appropriate arrangements for your comfort and stay. 
Please send a copy of the list to me too. 
Look forward to meeting you at Hotel Peterhoff.  The Registration and Breakfast is at 9am sharp, and the District Assembly (Assembly of Hands Together) shall start at 10am.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rotary Speakers' Bureau: Vocational Service

On 11th April we had a very fruitful and excellent interaction amongst each other.  I thank you for your valuable inputs and assuring your full participation to make Rotary different for the people around us. 
One of the key issue was the non-availability of speakers, and we decided to form a Rotary Speakers' Bureau from each of our Clubs, who would be willing to visit any Club and talk either about their profession or Rotary.   My request to each Club Presidents Elect in Zone 3 is to download the Speakers' Bureau listing form which is also being mailed separately, to identify the Rotarians, who are expert in some specific management/professional subjects, or who are good at motivating Rotarians either on any of the avenues of service or The Rotary Foundation.  Please fill in their contact details so that the Clubs in our Zone and in our District can contact them for speaking assignments. 
This is also an initiative under Vocational Service so that each of the Rotarians, who are leaders in their respective profession, should get an opportunity to share their professional knowledge, experience, and expertise. 
We shall compile this information and would make it available to every club and the district for making use of this expertise. 

The Countdown Begins

"The PETS/SETS was truly a great experience" said the incoming leaders as this training seminar concluded on Sunday. It had been a memorable event since we could meet our incoming world President John Kenny, who is looking forward to YOUR support to make the difference. 
Our very own District Governor Elect Chetan Aggarwal was charged with enthusiasm and touched everyone with his vision and the dream for the year ahead. And I can feel the same enthusiasm amongst you all as you get ready to take up the reins of your Club...and the Rotary for your community. 
As Past Rotary International President Rajendra K. Saboo so beautifully said yesterday, that though this assignment as Club President or Club Secretary is for one year, the commitment to Rotary is a lifetime of promise to ourselves and to the people around us.

Rotary is not a weekly meeting. Rotary is not marking your attendance. Rotary is not being one face. Rotary is a way of life that makes us embrace compassion and empathy...that teaches us to be more humane every day...that teaches us to be an example to our children.  Rotary is a way of life to be ethical in our dealings every moment of our life. And that's what makes Rotary so different. 

And that's the reason the entire world, a very large part of which is not as fortunate and blessed as we are, looks at you to make a difference in their lives through your commitment, and dedication to bring about that much-needed change. 

Let today be the starting point to live Rotary. 

Friday, April 10, 2009

John Kenny's Visit Tomorrow

I am sure all of you are prepared to meet our incoming world leader, Rotary International President Elect John Kenny tomorrow at NIPER at 4:30pm.  Please be there in time. 

Did you read his theme for the next year, "The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands"?  He has quoted an Indian in his global you know the name?  Write me back.