Saturday, July 9, 2016

Ideas You Can Use

Rotary has numerous resources and idea bank that the Club leadership can utilise to make their clubs effective, vibrant, and visible.

The term 'public', for the practising Public Relations professionals, as well as marketers or business communicators, refers to the specific groups of people that an organisation deals with.

For example, you can list out the 'publics' for a Rotary Club.  Take a piece of paper and write down all the 'publics' that your Club has to work with.

We classify these 'publics', broadly, as INTERNAL and EXTERNAL.

List out the Internal Publics.  This would include in your club:
Board of Directors, Past Presidents, Past RI Officers (if any), Rotarians, Spouses, their children and families, Club's staff, Rotaractors and their respective institutions, Interactors and their respective schools, parents of Rotaractors and Interactors, Inner Wheel, other partners in service projects both within the community and outside, as well as your international partners for Global Grants, Rotary International's South Asia Office, and the Headquarter, etc. etc.

In fact, once you start listing them out you would be surprised to know the diversity of 'publics' that your Club interacts with.

External publics, for example, are : prospective Rotarians, neighbouring Rotary, Rotaract and Interact clubs, other NGOs, local community, local government and municipal corporation, media, educational institutions, libraries, banks and financial institutions, prospective sponsors and corporate sector, hospitals and nursing homes, blood banks (if not promoted by the Club), local MLAs and MPs, municipal councillors, etc.

Each of these groups of people, whether internal or external, have typical communication consumption requirements.  In order to work and contribute to the success of the Club, each one of these groups are significant stakeholders whose active participation, and support is sine qua non to the Club's strength.

And this strength, support and cooperation emanates from a positive public image of your club in the minds of the 'publics' it interacts with.

Enough of gyan :).  I have uploaded on this blog some of the Resources that the club leadership can make use of.  Click Here to land on the Resources' page on the blog.

You are welcome to send me an Email whenever you have any doubt or wish to seek clarification. 

Let us use this forum to strengthen Rotary's image.

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