Monday, July 27, 2009

SAR submission

Please hurry up with your records and submit SAR to the Rotary International South Asia Office. 31st July is approaching very fast.

Get Cracking...Together!

The last month has seen the installation of new teams in Zone 3 clubs. I could feel the enthusiasm that the new team displayed which the members have been matching it with theirs. My best wishes to all of them.
In all these installation functions we had thinkers, visionaries, and administrators, who presided over these meetings and left food for thought for everyone.
Now, each of the clubs in our Zone can do wonder. And look at the opportunities that have been provided to the Rotarians to extend themselves to the service of society.
For instance, Dr. Mirchia at the installation of Panchkula assured that his clinic services would be available to all those deserving cases recommended by the Rotarians.
Mr. S.S. Channy, IAS, Principal Secretary Industries, Govt of Punjab, at Rotary Chandigarh Shivalik, asked the Rotarians to look at the growing poverty around our towns where Rotarians can make the difference.
Mr. Pradip Mehra, IAS, Advisor to the Administrator, UT Chandigarh, at the Chandigarh Midtown's installation, focussed on the drug abuse and rain harvesting problems of the city.
And at the installation of Rotary Club of Chandigarh, Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court, Mr. T.S. Thakur, expressed his desire to associate High Court in reaching out to the poor and downtrodden with awareness about their legal rights.
And only last week, the Chandigarh Administration organised a workshop on female foeticide at Tagore Theatre, where the Home Secretary, asked the NGOs to bring about the change in the society.
These and similar projects abound where all our Clubs in Zone 3 can devise projects on these lines and bring about the desired change.
I shall welcome any idea where we can move together in any of the areas.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

District Intercity to Welcome Rtn K.R. Ravindran

As you are aware that our current Rotary International Director 2009-11, Rtn. K.R. Ravindran, from Sri Lanka, is visiting Chandigarh on 2-3 August 2009. Let us make it a memorable occasion for all of us to meet with him and exchange new ideas as the custodians of the Future of Rotary.
The 3rd August 2009 has been finalised for the District Intercity to welcome this distinguished Rotarian.
Please keep your dates free for 3rd August. The venue is right there on Madhya Marg, Sector 27, Chandigarh, the airconditioned auditorium of Bhavan Vidyalaya.
The timings are being finalised by our District Governor Chetan Aggarwal, and it shall either be in the evening, at 4:30pm or 5:30pm, and shall be intimated to you by tomorrow.
The registration fee for the District Intercity is a nominal Rs.150 (single) and Rs.250 (couple).
We look forward to your participation. And in case you can confirm to me the number of members who would be participating from your Club, this would be a great help.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Your SAR

I am sure you have received the semi-annual reports from the Rotary International which was despatched to each one of you last week. Kindly take immediate action and report to the RI South Asia office.

I wish to congratulate the new teams which have taken over after a formal installation functions, and look forward to your regular update on the projects being undertaken so that these can be incorporated in the Governor's Monthly Letter.

Keep Shining. Future of Rotary is in Your Hands.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sandeep and Team installed at Panchkula

Rtn. Sandeep Poddar, President of Rotary Club of Panchkula, took up the reins of the Club along with his very able Secretary PP Rtn Mahesh Chandgothia, and team yesterday at Hotel Penninsula in Panchkula.
The function was crisply organised and must compliment Rtn Pradeep Aggarwal, the outgoing President and his team for setting standards of excellence in Rotary, and I have no doubt, the year ahead shall see Sandeep's team taking it to still greater heights.
I must compliment Sandeep for very innovative idea of providing one 'coin box', a traditional 'gulak' to each and every Rotarian in the Club to put money every day into it and bring it to the Club later in the year as their contribution to The Rotary Foundation. Panchkula club has given a new dimension to the Foundation giving.
Another novel idea floated is to inspire every Rotarian to get involved in service projects and Sandeep has asked every Rotarian to undertake one project in their area and club would reward them with Rs.1000 for their initiatives.
Excellent example of involving the club members and I compliment the new team which, I am sure, would continue to innovate and make Rotary more strong, visible, and a symbol of hope.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

DG's Official Visit

The District Governor Chetan Aggarwal and the first Lady Ann Neelam Aggarwal, would be having their Official Visit in our Zone 3 Clubs, as follows. Please mark these dates and be ready with the information, project visit details, etc. You may even make a senior Rotarian in your Club incharge of the DG's Official Visit.

30 October 2009: RC Chandigarh Shivalik
12 December 2009: RC Panchkula
4 January 2010: RC Chandigarh
23 January 2010: RC Chandigarh Central
26 March 2010: RC Chandigarh Midtown


Some Essentials for July

Here are some immediate goals for you to accomplish :

a. July 1 is the date for submission of semi-annual dues, which I hope has been taken care of;

b. Those of you who have yet to send me the proforma for "Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs" must send it to me at the earliest.

c. Finalise the Installation Days and be over with it.

d. Review your Club plans for service projects under the Four Avenues of Service, and assign Rotarians in the club to start the implementation process. Please keep me informed about your Club activities.

e. Share your dreams and plans with your club members through regular publication of your club bulletin. Please put me on your mailing list as well as the DG and District Secretary to keep me in touch with you.

Have a Great Year.


The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands

My Dear Presidents and Secretaries of Zone 3:
As you begin your year as leaders of your respective Rotary Clubs, I send my heartiest best wishes for your success in the year ahead.
You are going to make a difference in the lives of the people around you, and you will be the visionary, the dreamer, and the one, who would involve every Rotarian in the club to make those dreams come true...since each one of us is the custodian of the future of our children, as you lead with the commitment and understanding that "the Future of Rotary is in Your Hands".
Let's make it a memorable year for everyone.