Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Learning from Rotary's Branding Process

Today biggest brands in the world, like Coke, Nike, Microsoft, have their market value many times over their net worth.   And this is all because of the strong identity, a powerful brand that they hold.

These commercial brands are now being promoted by many celebrities, who infact, might not even be using those products. Or might not be fully engaged with those brands in their actual life.

It is Rotary, in the world of voluntary work, that is increasingly having impact on the lives of the people across the world with their strong and powerful 'product'...the humanitarian service.

And what more.  No brand in the world would have 1.2 million Ambassadors.  Each one of us as Rotarians are the brand ambassadors who carry the values, and convey the trust to the people across the globe with our work, our selfless service, and our generous contributions to make this world a better place.

Rotarians every where are working locally on a global scale to create lasting positive change.

The Challenge
We as Rotarians are endowed with the ability to share the great Rotary values, our strength to tackle toughest human problems, and diversity to bring in expertise to find sustainable solution. The challenge is to continue to communicate our credibility, our competence and capabilities to the world around us.

One simple way is to follow the branding guidelines.  Wherever we put our signature for having done good, maintain the guidelines that Rotary has created painstakingly so that unified look remains universally recognisable.

Imagine how you can profit from it. 
Go through the Rotary guidelines carefully and you can adapt the same process for your own organisation.  Big or small, check out whether your own organisation has a visual identity manual? A set rule of specifications about the font, the color schemes, and whether it is being uniformally translated into your stationary, advertising, packaging, outdoor signage, etc.?

Maintain and follow the same for your Club. Check out all signage, stationery, newsletter, and see whether it conforms to the guidelines specified in the Rotary's guidelines.

Download here.  Rotary's Visual Identity Guidelines.

But again, you would require your MyRotary account. Hope you have one. Cheers!

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