Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another RCC in the offing

Thanks to the endeavours of Pres. G.S. Lakhmna, and Rtn. Hassan Mejie, RCC Chair of Rotary Club of Chandigarh, a preliminary meeting was held in Sector 38West with the residents of the slums rehabilitation colony built by Chandigarh Housing Board. With more than 2000 people resettled in this new housing complex built for the slum dwellers, the Rotary Club identified various challenges the new settlement faces. In order to make it self-sustaining, an RCC has been planned in this resettlement colony to work towards better sanitation, hygiene, upkeep of the parks, beautification, adult literacy, health, creche facilities etc, in which the RCC members would work together.
The preliminary meeting held today with the ladies and other residents, the agenda was set very clearly and hopefully next week another meeting will be held to start the process of empowering the residents for upgrading their lives.
Congrats once again to Rotary Chandigarh

Monday, December 14, 2009

DG's Official Visit to Panchkula

District Governor Chetan Aggarwal and the first lady, Neelam visited Panchkula on the Governor's Official Visit.
The Club is doing commendable job and has been able to accomplish two matching grants project under which they provided smart board to Jainendra Public School, as also a diathermy machine to Saket Hospital.
The club, under the leadership of Rtn. Sandeep Poddar, ably assisted by experienced secretary, PP Mahesh Chandgothia, and support of all its members, has ambitious plans for the future. Already its Kishori project has received accolade for the help they have provided to the young girls in schools in and around Panchkula, especially in the rural areas.
The highlight of the evening was the induction of three new members including the famous Panjabi folk singer Ms Dolly Guleria.
Rtn. Sabharwal was recognised who is a major donor to The Rotary Foundation, along with Rtn. Khunger who has decided to contribute to the Rotary Foundation's endowment fund. Many Rotarians came forwarded and became Paul Harris Fellows, which was highly creditable.
We are sure the Club shall continue to forge ahead with renewed enthusiasm and excel in every sphere.

Keep Your City Clean

Most of us who have visited abroad can vouch for general cleanliness in the cities and even their countryside. Chandigarh, the city beautiful, however, requires much more concerted efforts to keep it green and, more importantly, clean and free of garbage.
In the recently held national conference on polythene and plastics held at NITTTR by Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment, Home Secretary of Chandigarh Administration Mr. Ram Niwas, implored the citizens to help keep the city clean.
This indeed is a big challenge and I request Rotarians to join in this CLEAN CITY MISSION.
What can be done?
-Each one of us in our own sectors must convene a meeting of the local resident associations and the shopkeepers bodies, to discuss the issue, since all must join to vow that they would not litter the household garbage, and so will not the shopkeepers in the sector markets. Let the Rotarians lead, and show the way to them, and supervise the work.
Collectively, garbage disposal bins should be provided in the market place.
-The public health department sweepers must be assigned for regularly sweeping the roads and market places.
-When you go out for a morning walk, do take time to remove plastic bags, wrappers, paper trash from the gardens and side walks and put them in the garbage bins.
-Tell others not to little in the public places.
-Organise talks in the schools and colleges in the vicinity to involve the youngsters and sensitize them to be a part of the CLEAN CITY campaign.
- Make Children ambassadors in this CLEAN CITY Campaign, who will keep a check on littering at home and outside and would not allow their parents to litter roads while driving, or walking, and these children should approach any other person doing so, to request, "Uncle, Please keep our city clean".
Each Club should prepare a report of the initiative taken by their members and inform me. However, more ideas would be welcome in this direction.
I am sure, together we can show the way.

Rotary Community Corps Chandigarh Midtown

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Rotary Chandigarh Midtown and join with their three Rotary Community Corps. Two of these RCCs hold a special distinction being the completely managed by physically challenged individuals who have created a history of sort. These are also perhaps the only such unique RCCs in the world managed by special people.
It was a pleasure meeting with them and sharing the tremendous work that they are dong in their respective areas, right from educating the needy, to donating blood, and helping their fellow beings who are physically challenged.
People refer to them 'disabled', but through their work that they are "differently abled" and much more inspired and enthusiastic to change their own life for the better.
These three RCCs were formed last year and have been successfully nurtured by the club's chair for RCC, Dr. V.J.S. Vohra, and this year, under the able leadership of Rtn. Pres Gurdip Singh Deep, it intends to create ripple in the society through their outstanding work.
My heartiest felicitations to Midtowners, and the commendable projects they are undertaking through these most powerful RCCs. Keep it up.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vocational Service: Is it the abandoned avenue?

The seminar at Panipat last Sunday debated on the issue whether Vocational Service is an abandoned avenue? Not exactly, but Yes. Confused? In so far as the vocational service as an avenue of service is concerned the Clubs are doing their bit to undertake projects that range from career seminars to industry visits and vocational awards. That was demonstrated in the presentation by Rtn Dr. S.N. Gupta of Panipat Midtown. To that extent yes, we can say, that it is functional.

But Vocational Service is much more than that. It touches the very core of our professional and business conduct; our personal value system; and the way we live our lives. It touches our daily conduct in dealing with people and situations. Whether we are walking the talk, or just talking, or paying lip service?

The public image of Rotary is dependent upon the public and private conduct of each individual Rotarian, and how ethical one is in one's life.

PDG Shaju Peter vehemently pointed out the growing rot in our society today, and how Rotary's image in India was getting a beating because of internal strife, mismanagement of The Rotary Foundation's grants money, financial bunglings, to name just a few.

He said that there is no better time than now to conduct a self-audit under the principles of the Four Way Test. This is the time, he emphasised, to go through the Rotary's Declaration.

Shaju quoted Past Rotary International President Raja Saboo's speech at the last International Assembly which was received with thunderous applause on the subject, where he asked that every Rotarian should just ask oneself, as to what one would do if the news is to appear in the major newspaper on the front page? Whether one would go ahead with an action, if one's children have to follow suit? And whether one would be able to face one's mother and tell her about those actions?

Rotary, he said, is a singular voluntary body in the world that upholds professional and business ethics as supreme value for every Rotarian.

The former chief minister of Himachal Pradesh and Member of Parliament, Shri Shanta Kumar, was equally vehement in condemning the degrading moral values in our country. He lamented the fact that once India was known as the seat of spiritual and moral learnings, but the recent survey by Transparency International has rated India as one of the most corrupt nations in the world.

It is a sad commentary on India, which was once known as the 'golden sparrow', is one of the countries in the world where maximum number of poor, diseased, and illiterate people live.

The rot has set in from the top and even the judiciary has also come into the grips of greed and corruption, he said. There is sheer madness everywhere to acquire wealth in whatever means one can, and there is no repentance anywhere, he remarked.

He asked the Rotarians to be the role models in the society, and do not compromise with honesty, and intellectuals like Rotarians should come forward to raise their voice against the corrupt who are in any case in miniority, urged Shri Shanta Kumar.

He adviced the younger generation to do our best truthfully, honestly, and should not accept any wrong, injustice or corrupt practice.

This was an exceptionally useful and invaluable seminar that provided food for thought for everyone who cared to listen and participate in the programme. It may be a difficult task but not unsurmountable, because the battle for this will not start anywhere is from within that we shall have to make a beginning to bring about the change. We have to be the change that we want to see in the world.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fight against polio

As our fight against polio continues, Rotarians are reminded to join in the Special National Immunisation Day, SNID, tomorrow, 6th December 2009 in their respective areas. The information in this regard was circulated by PP Praveen Chander Goyal earlier. Please get in touch with him with your activity plan.