Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Define Goals

Further to the letter that you have received from our DGE Chetan Aggarwal and incoming District Trainer PDG Dr. R.S. Parmar, please go through the papers of case studies sent to you for your team.  These are to be filled and brought along at the District Assembly.  These papers shall help you in looking closely at the most vital areas of club functioning, as well as help you in preparing a road map for the year ahead, and set goals. 
I had also handed over Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Club proforma and I hope you must have completed the same. 
Kindly send me detail of your participants at the District Assembly along with their names and classification. I hope you have already confirmed the numbers to Rtn. Ashok Jain in Shimla. 
Look forward to your participation at the District Assembly - the Assembly of Hands-Together"

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