Monday, April 13, 2009

The Countdown Begins

"The PETS/SETS was truly a great experience" said the incoming leaders as this training seminar concluded on Sunday. It had been a memorable event since we could meet our incoming world President John Kenny, who is looking forward to YOUR support to make the difference. 
Our very own District Governor Elect Chetan Aggarwal was charged with enthusiasm and touched everyone with his vision and the dream for the year ahead. And I can feel the same enthusiasm amongst you all as you get ready to take up the reins of your Club...and the Rotary for your community. 
As Past Rotary International President Rajendra K. Saboo so beautifully said yesterday, that though this assignment as Club President or Club Secretary is for one year, the commitment to Rotary is a lifetime of promise to ourselves and to the people around us.

Rotary is not a weekly meeting. Rotary is not marking your attendance. Rotary is not being one face. Rotary is a way of life that makes us embrace compassion and empathy...that teaches us to be more humane every day...that teaches us to be an example to our children.  Rotary is a way of life to be ethical in our dealings every moment of our life. And that's what makes Rotary so different. 

And that's the reason the entire world, a very large part of which is not as fortunate and blessed as we are, looks at you to make a difference in their lives through your commitment, and dedication to bring about that much-needed change. 

Let today be the starting point to live Rotary. 

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