Wednesday, April 29, 2009

District Goals

Our incoming District Leader Rtn. Chetan Aggarwal, has listed out several goals at various meetings including Pre-PETS, PETS and SETS.   These are our goals, and each one of you as the leaders owe it upon yourself to ensure and emphatically say, Yes...The Future of Rotary is in My Hands. 
And surely why not?  These are the achieveable goals within your power.  Rtn. Chetan Aggarwal has listed out the following major goals, besides the goals in terms of service projects that you must have planned for your year : 

a. The District 3080 should be polio free.  
Can we do it? Identify pockets of neglect, squallor, and filth, especially in the colonies and slums. Engage the residents in a cleanliness drive. This can be a major project for all the RCCs that you are going to establish or have in your Club.

b. 15% increase in membership
Prepare and update the Classification Roster. Check out the people amongst your friends and business associates who want to make a difference in the lives of the people.  Ask members to propose a new member. And whatever number that 15 percent means to your club, promise yourself at least 3 percent growth every month and in the first six months itself we should be able to reach our target. 

c. Creating New Clubs
Some of the clubs can definitely find the possibilities of extending Rotary to newer territories. We can work together to help you out with that.  The District has plans to have at least 6 new Clubs and we can help our District leader to achieve this.

d. Converting weak clubs into strong clubs
Indeed, we need to look into the Club Leadership Plan and discover the weak areas and improve further upon that. 

e. Every club should have at least 20 members
This is a goal for those clubs which have less than 20 members in their clubs. If we know any such club or a Rotarian in these clubs, just mentor them with workable suggestions. 

f. Participation in TRF programs by all clubs and contribution target is US$ 130 per member.
The Rotary Foundation, truly, is the angel that helps Rotarians realise their dreams for their communities. Be it literacy, need for clean drinking water, setting up medical facilities, or setting up computer labs, and more importantly saving our children from polio, the Rotary Foundation is our only hope.  It is our bank that supports us with funds that come back to us multiplied many times against our miniscule contributions.  Let's ensure hundred percent participation from our Clubs, and start right from the day one.  I am sure our Clubs can exceed the expected contribution, since there are numerous other philanthropists and people who wish to bring about positive change through $1000 or even more contributions. 

g. Every Club should participate in all the avenues of service: with at least 4 Good projects in Community Service; 2 in Vocational Service; and International Service.
Doesn't require any elaboration. All of you are fully charged to do even better than this. Isn't it?

h.  Each Zone to have  at least 4 Rotaract Clubs, 4 RCCs and 5 Interact Clubs.  
I have already been promised by one Rotary Club in our Zone 3,  2 RCCs, 1 Rotaract Clubs, and 2 Interact Clubs. I am sure together we can achieve this goal comfortably.

i.  100% Club Participation in each and every District Event
This may appear a little challenging but not impossible.  We must prepare a very large contingent from Zone 3, with 100 percent participation from each Club for the District Conference at Hardwar in 19-21 February 2010.  So be ready with your plans to ensure that all families join together.  May be we can plan a fleet of buses on sharing basis, and have a great family outing. 

Let's discuss it further and clear our doubts at the District Assembly where we meet on 3rd May.  Best of luck till then. 

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