Friday, October 23, 2009

What are you doing to banish Polio?

24th October is the World Polio Day.
Thanks to Jonas Salk who was born on this day, and developed the first safe and effective polio vaccine.
Thanks to Rotary who took up the challenge to fight the disease and banish it from this earth.
Thanks to Rotarians like YOU who made it happen.
Thanks to Bill & Melinda Gates who contributed USD 355 to Rotary to fight it out and clear it from the four countries that still remain polio affected, including our own country.
Thanks to Rotarians like YOU who are contributing USD30 every year to raise USD200 to match the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's challenge.

What can we do?
a. The campaign requires USD200 million to be raised to receive the Bill and Melinda Gate's foundation's contributions. Organise club fundraiser this year.
b. Organise the screening of "The Final Inch", the Academy Award-nominated, 38-minute Documentary.
Got more ideas?
Please share it. And Celebrate the Joy of being a Rotarian. Celebrate the Power that each one of You have to save the children from polio. You have the power to kick it out.

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