Saturday, October 31, 2009

How strong is your club!

I found a Rotarian generally passing a comment, "Our club is very weak", and that made me wonder as to what does it mean? Is it that a club is an exclusive responsibility of the leadership in a particular year? Or is it collective responsibility?
As I proded further, I found that all of us have the tendency to point a finger at someone else. We can pontificate and advice yet refuse to become a part of the solution.
Just ask yourself...what makes an organisation or a club? A club is not one person. It is the members or the people who constitute a club. If we label our club to be weak, what does it mean? We are weak. But just ask yourself: Are You Weak? No? Emphatic NO? If you are strong, committed, vibrant, and enthusiastic about the values that Rotary portrays, there is no way that any club can go weak.
Look within. You are the powerhouse and the driver as a valuable part of your club. Surely, you are strong enough to help the client to stay strong. So you will, so be it. CJ

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