Monday, December 14, 2009

Keep Your City Clean

Most of us who have visited abroad can vouch for general cleanliness in the cities and even their countryside. Chandigarh, the city beautiful, however, requires much more concerted efforts to keep it green and, more importantly, clean and free of garbage.
In the recently held national conference on polythene and plastics held at NITTTR by Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment, Home Secretary of Chandigarh Administration Mr. Ram Niwas, implored the citizens to help keep the city clean.
This indeed is a big challenge and I request Rotarians to join in this CLEAN CITY MISSION.
What can be done?
-Each one of us in our own sectors must convene a meeting of the local resident associations and the shopkeepers bodies, to discuss the issue, since all must join to vow that they would not litter the household garbage, and so will not the shopkeepers in the sector markets. Let the Rotarians lead, and show the way to them, and supervise the work.
Collectively, garbage disposal bins should be provided in the market place.
-The public health department sweepers must be assigned for regularly sweeping the roads and market places.
-When you go out for a morning walk, do take time to remove plastic bags, wrappers, paper trash from the gardens and side walks and put them in the garbage bins.
-Tell others not to little in the public places.
-Organise talks in the schools and colleges in the vicinity to involve the youngsters and sensitize them to be a part of the CLEAN CITY campaign.
- Make Children ambassadors in this CLEAN CITY Campaign, who will keep a check on littering at home and outside and would not allow their parents to litter roads while driving, or walking, and these children should approach any other person doing so, to request, "Uncle, Please keep our city clean".
Each Club should prepare a report of the initiative taken by their members and inform me. However, more ideas would be welcome in this direction.
I am sure, together we can show the way.

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