Monday, July 27, 2009

Get Cracking...Together!

The last month has seen the installation of new teams in Zone 3 clubs. I could feel the enthusiasm that the new team displayed which the members have been matching it with theirs. My best wishes to all of them.
In all these installation functions we had thinkers, visionaries, and administrators, who presided over these meetings and left food for thought for everyone.
Now, each of the clubs in our Zone can do wonder. And look at the opportunities that have been provided to the Rotarians to extend themselves to the service of society.
For instance, Dr. Mirchia at the installation of Panchkula assured that his clinic services would be available to all those deserving cases recommended by the Rotarians.
Mr. S.S. Channy, IAS, Principal Secretary Industries, Govt of Punjab, at Rotary Chandigarh Shivalik, asked the Rotarians to look at the growing poverty around our towns where Rotarians can make the difference.
Mr. Pradip Mehra, IAS, Advisor to the Administrator, UT Chandigarh, at the Chandigarh Midtown's installation, focussed on the drug abuse and rain harvesting problems of the city.
And at the installation of Rotary Club of Chandigarh, Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court, Mr. T.S. Thakur, expressed his desire to associate High Court in reaching out to the poor and downtrodden with awareness about their legal rights.
And only last week, the Chandigarh Administration organised a workshop on female foeticide at Tagore Theatre, where the Home Secretary, asked the NGOs to bring about the change in the society.
These and similar projects abound where all our Clubs in Zone 3 can devise projects on these lines and bring about the desired change.
I shall welcome any idea where we can move together in any of the areas.

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