Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rotary's birthday

Rotary's 104th birthday, 23 February is about a month a way, and every club is encouraged to plan events on or around it. Last year, clubs and districts made tremendous efforts to recognize Rotary's work in both their local and global communities. 

You as the incoming President in your club can coordinate with the current leadership and work along to make it a memorable day, which would also give you ideas to plan different activities on the next World Understanding and Peace Day, which is 23rd February. 

Even though 23 February is Rotary's official anniversary, any day in your community can be designated a Rotary Day. Remember that your public relations plan for the day's celebration should focus on service, which will help communicate what Rotary is and does around the world. Visit the Public Image Resource Group page Public Image Resource Group page for ideas and materials, or contact your Public Image Resource Group member for support. 

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