Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Time for a Final Push

As a Rotarian we have a commitment. A commitment that we made to the children of the world, and the generation to come, that we will rid this earth of Polio.  Most of the world is already free...thanks to the concerted effort that the Rotarians have put together. Our country, unfortunately, remains one of the four countries in the world, which have yet to kick it out and protect our children. 

It is time for each one of us...for every Rotarian...for every member in a Rotary family, to rise once again and let not the efforts of 20 years of hard work go waste. 

We are almost there. We can do it.  Being a Rotarian it is a great responsibility that we had taken upon ourselves and we just cannot step back and hope that someone would be out there on Sunday morning to administer the drop anyway.  Who someone? It is only YOU who can make the difference, and no one else. If YOU get out of your bed on Sunday morning, say your prayers, express your gratitude to the God for blessing you with all His bounties and good health, and dress up to be there in the morning with the firm belief that YOU would check it out every where and anywhere, whether a child under five, has taken the polio drop. If not, YOU will have complete the task. 

Count the number of children you have touched today and administered polio drops. Count the number of children you have checked whether his finger had the permanent mark assuring that the child has been protected.  And even if you are able to do it even for one will make a tremendous amount of difference to the lives of the children. Because we hope that on Sunday, YOU will not be alone.  There are Rotarians from USA, Canada, Cayman Island, Jamaica, and Australia, who have flown in just for two days to be a part of this world-wide movement, to join you, and reach out to the maximum number of children who are at risk. 

Let's be there. YOU will be there I'm sure. Because YOU are a Rotarian...who stands by the word. 

Ask Your current President and Secretary to know where you are deputed...or which area in the city you would like to work.

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