Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Get Ready for Sunday

This Sunday, the 14th December 2008 is the first time that the Club Presidents for the next Rotary year 2009-10, along with their spouses are meeting for the first time for the Pre-PETS.
Our incoming District leader, DGE Chetan Agarwal, and the incoming District Trainer, PDG Dr. R.S. Parmar, have set up an exciting programme for the day, which each one of you will enjoy thoroughly. 
Some of you in my Zone 3 have already submitted their Registration Fee (Rs.650 single/Rs.1300 couple).  I shall request all those who have not so far been able to send it, kindly have the same sent to my residence by Saturday. 
As a part of your participation, kindly remember :
a. To prepare a brief self-introduction (you as a person and professional or business man) which should be restricted to maximum one minute;
b. To bring a any Gift worth not more than Rs.100 with your name and the name of your club written clearly on this.   The Gift will be exchanged with another club president of your year who will be paired after a lucky draw, during the meeting. 

In case you can be a part of the entertainment interludes during the programme by way of a song or a good joke, we shall appreciate your communicating the same to me at the earliest. 

Looking forward to your participation.

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