Friday, January 12, 2018

How to let the people know about you!

Tell Your Story in a Way that  People shall like to Read about It. 

Most often the Rotary clubs find themselves at a loss as to how to take their project report into the media.  Many of us however have become experts in sharing the project photos on Whatsapp or Facebook, and at times, much to the recipient's dismay, they come in large number only showing mug shots or posed group photos of Rotarians where more than the beneficiary, they themselves are in the picture, ending up with many heartburns for those left out in the queued-up shots. 

And especially tree plantation shots are the worst where volunteers would hold the banner in the background while the photo is being taken. 

Let us refine the process.  
a. Select the photograph that shows the project highlights or the beneficiaries. Those who are getting benefitted from your project.  Tell their story. 
b. How the project came about. What was the trigger?
c. Why the project was undertaken?  Definitely not to have the photos of all committee members together and having their photo seen in the media.  The Club wanted to make a difference and that is why a particular section of society was chosen to help them. 
d. Talk to a few beneficiaries and find out their life stories and how your project is going to impact them.  

Check out this short story roll out plan. Create your story line.  Pick up two or three photos.  Share them with Rotary community : 

a. On Club facebook / youtube / website
b. On District facebook page 
c. on facebook pages of other clubs and districts 
d. On Rotary Showcase and Rotary Central (Hope you have myrotary account already)
e. In Club Bulletin 
f. In District Governor's monthly letter 
g. To local media 
h. To Rotary South Asia office
i. The Rotary News / The Rotarian 

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