Friday, April 8, 2011

Joy of Giving!

The Rotary Foundation has always been supported by ordinary people who give both their money and time. Of course, there have been few millionaires who gave substantial gifts. But when India reached the milestone of over US $11.8 million last year and ranked number three in the Rotary world, the support was from Rotarians in many clubs including our district with contribution of $330,000+. Success in collecting funds isn't a sprint. It is a marathon.
Large-hearted Rotarians have continued to contribe handsomely and in spite of economic recession and other setbacks, they have supported The Rotary Foundation.
Only you can take the step to reach higher levels. Let us surprise all by reaching more majestic heights. Shall we target for US 400,000 during 2010–2011? We are capable of achieving it. Let us provide The Rotary Foundation with another unique feat of excellence. Let us optimise our performance. $100 average per Rotarian to APF and the $30 mandatory contribution to Polio Challenge Fund can help us achieve the target easily. Let us inculcate pride in our achievements. Let us go that extra mile with confidence. Let us do the unthinkable, the almost unattainable. Let us make Rotary proud of our efforts. Let us be generous and contribute to the Rotary Foundation, whatever be the amount.

The success in Polio Eradication Program can be seen in India, with about 200,000 cases in India at the start in 1985 to only 42 cases in 2010 and only one so far in 2011. We are this close to Eradicate Polio and the world looks up to Rotary  with confidence to complete the task. This would be the second disease after smallpox to be eradicated. History will always talk of Rotary's initiative and role in to make the world Polio free and safer for future generations.

Rotary is poised to be more relevant, more effective and more useful. This can only be achieved if we are sincere in our action and our support to the foundation and all the programmes. As stewards of The Rotary Foundation, Rotarians are responsible to donors to use donations appropriately. You know that funds are used in a responsible manner  thru you to support projects in your district & clubs.

TRF is the driving force behind most of the work we do in our communities – This year our district has taken up or is participating in projects of value approx $500,000. It is you, my friends, who have taken the money from your pockets to promote life giving programmes as polio eradication, Medical Missions, Multispecialty Health Camps including Cancer Detection & Awareness Camps, Heartline, Peacemaker Bank, Water Filters for schools, Eye IOL, School Benches, Sanitation, RWH, RVTC, literacy, health promotion and ultimately peace. This has all been possible because of the generous contributions of Rotarians. Let us continue with the generous giving and reach the target of $100 average contribution per member to the APF of TRF, with each member contributing something, get the satisfaction of doing good, feel good, thank god for his generosity & blessings and be blessed again. Bring out your cheque book with a smile on your face and a feeling of satisfaction in your heart that you have donated to a cause.

There are many Rotarians in our clubs and district who have never had the joy of contributing to the Foundation.  When people join Rotary they have the inclination to serve and we do need funds to take up projects. You need not donate large chunk of money maybe Rs.500… Rs.1100… Rs.3100… Rs.5100… Rs.21000… Rs. 51000 or more.... at your ability, discretion & will get the satisfaction of doing good, feel good, thank God for his generosity & blessings, be blessed again.

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