Thursday, June 17, 2010

District Awards Function

Oh what a speed. The clock has turned full circle. And we are back in June waiting for the next Rotary year to begin.
The District Awards function is scheduled on 27th June at Barog. Thanks to DG Chetan Aggarwal for excellent leadership. Both Neelam and Chetan, very quitely and affectionately, moved from club to club, inspiring them to make Rotary more secure, and remind that the Future of Rotary is in Your Hands.
This indeed is the time to acknowledge with gratitude the work done by the entire team of Rotarians in the Clubs and the District Secretariat. More than anything else, it is the time to acknowledge the diligence, and dedication of our District leader Chetan Aggarwal, and providing excellent leadership to Rotary.
It is time for all of us to rally together and acknowledge Chetan and Neelam's contribution to Rotary in our District by being there at Barog this Sunday. It is time to rejoice and recharge to continue our Rotary journey.
Will I get the award? Will our club be acknowledgement?
These are natural questions that would be cropping up in your mind. Definitely we did not work for any award or for any reward.
The biggest reward that each one of you have got is in terms of the lives that you have touched in the past one year...the joy you have brought to the people...the care and concern that has brought relief to many...and much more.
Your acts of kindness have already moved the flow of the blessings from Heaven to reward you and your family. You have received your award. Let us be a part of the Award function for rejoicing this treasure.

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