Sunday, May 2, 2010

Minimum Standards for an effectively functioning Club

What is a functioning Rotary Club? Here are some minimum standards laid down under the RI Code of Policies for the clubs to follow:

1. Having paid its per capita dues to Rotary International
2. Meeting regularly consistent with RI constitutional documents
3. Ensuring that its members subscribe to a Rotary magazine (The Rotarian or Rotary News/Rotary Samachar)
4. Implementing service projects that address needs in the local community and/or in communities in other countries
5. Receiving the visit of the governor, assistant governor, or an officer of Rotary International
6. Acting in a manner consistent with the RI constitution, bylaws, and the Rotary Code
of Policies
7. Paying its RI membership and district dues without outside assistance
8. Providing accurate membership lists on a timely basis to the general secretary
9. Resolving club disputes in an amicable manner
10. Maintaining cooperative relations with the district
11. Cooperating with RI by not initiating or maintaining litigation against Rotary
International, The Rotary Foundation, the associate foundations and the international
offices of the RI Secretariat

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