Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RI Theme 2010-11 is here

Ray Klinginsmith, the incoming Rotary International President, unveiled the Rotary Theme for 2010-11 at the International Assembly today.
The Rotarians worldwide will be working to "Building Communities: Bridging Continents" in true Rotary spirit of creating a better world.
Ray Klinginsmith said: "Rotary is the best in the world at linking people of goodwill around the globe and then gaining their cooperation and support to make the world a much better place to live and work."
No wonder, the Rotary world has been working to assure "The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands", and it is Your Hands that would help link the communities and build bridges of understanding and goodwill through continued humanitarian work across every continent.
You can download the new theme graphics here.

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