Saturday, August 8, 2009

Have you added new Hands?

Every new member brings in new expertise, diverse professional knowledge, and more importantly another pair of helping hands to work with you to serve.
More the merrier. Though of course you have to be very cautious in selecting the right kind of members from the community who are the leaders in their respective professions, are willing to devote their time and money for larger good of the society, and meet the attendance criteria.
The best way is to review and update your classification roster and then identify professionals or entrepreneurs, who are on the top rung of their organisation and can contribute effectively to Rotary.
Please be rigorous in the induction process and follow the entire procedure religiously, sharing the obligation a member has in terms of financials, attendance, and active participation in club projects.
In order to achieve the District membership targets, it is imperative that you continue this process of bringing in new members into Rotary every month, which would ultimately prove rewarding.
Also inform your director club services, chairmen membership development, chairman classifications, and members of your board of directors to attend the Membership Development Seminar on 29th August at Yamunanagar. Register yourself before 15th August for early bird discounts.

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