Monday, June 1, 2009

Checklist for this Week

Have you ever watched a relay race? The athlete waits with eager eyes as his fellow athlete rushes up the track holding the baton while another just waits to hold it quickly and rush with ever more speed, zeal and verve.  
The time has started ticking now. And it is just 30 days from now that you will be holding this baton of leadership for your club and start your race for the next 365 days to give your best, to take along the entire club, and make it to the finishing line with flying colors. 
It is time now to have a relook at your diary and goals list and check out that needs to be done this week. 
1. You have filled out the proforma listing out your goals and plans for your year under each Avenue of Service. Kindly send it across to me at the earliest. 
2. Your list of committees under each Avneue is final and you are already having the meetings with the committee chairs to finalise the plans for your year. Please share this committee booklet with me. 
3. You have finalised your joint Board of Meeting, and the Club Assembly in which all your Directors and committee chairs would go over the club's plans for next year.  Please ensure that each committee has a well-defined goal, a clear objective, a timeline, approximate budget, and how the committee generate funds to complete the project.
4. You have finalised the date of your club's installation which should preferrably be within the first two weeks of July itself. Please do not delay it, and whatever the date may be for formal exchange of collar, your year in any case would be starting from 1st of July, so be ready with your programmes from day one. 
5. You have finalised the programmes for at least first three months for your weekly meetings as well as the major projects.
6. And of course, you have had a meeting with your current Club President and Secretary to ensure that the bills for the next year have gone to the members so that they are able to pay up in time.
I am just trying to send this as a gentle reminder but am sure, there is much more activity going on in every club with every member looking forward to new challenges, ready to rededicate and affirm that future of Rotary is indeed in your safe and strong hands.

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