Wednesday, August 9, 2017

10 Reasons every Club should adopt public image strategy

Rotary Public Image continues to receive attention increasingly to share Rotary's humanitarian successes around the world.

Next year's RI President Nominee Barry Rassin has already made Rotary's public image as the thrust area during his year.

And rightfully so, public image helps the clubs generate awareness and goodwill amongst its stakeholders, and the community in a most effective way.

A well-executed Public image effort brings in multi-pronged success:

a. Internally, it helps members and their family members, as well as other Rotary partners, feel involved as it helps build strong sense of belonging.

b. Engages members meaningfully and contains attrition.

c. Builds strong networking amongst members too.

d. Community outreach showcases its humanitarian service efforts and wins their appreciation.

e. Garners the support of local authorities.

f. Provides positive stories to the media and engages them in community development efforts.

g. Attracts more professionals and businesses to get associated with the good causes and support Rotary club's projects through their CSR funds;

h. Helps raise financial support for its service projects;

i. Attracts new members.

j. Helps clubs reach out to newer communities and establish new clubs.

These are just 10 pointers, but public image has far-reaching positive impact for the Rotary clubs to thrive.

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